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Shattered is about a bird living nearby a beautiful mountain. The player takes the role of the little blue bird and starts the game by searching for his brother. Once reaching the village, he uses his magical bell to defeat the dark creatures threatening his fellow birds. To find the source of these so called ''Nightmare'' creatures and to save his brother, who is headed to the mountain, the player has to embark on a journey to the top of the mountain. Making their way to the top, the player will face more enemies, puzzles, landmarks and characters along their adventure to reveal the truth.

This game was made within 6 weeks as part of a university project for the Cologne Game Lab.


Team Info 

  • Yasaman Farazan -  @YFarazan - Game Design
  • Jasmin Habezai-Fekri - @lowpolycurls - Environment Art & VFX/SFX Design
  • Svenja Rösner - @schrahki - Character Art & UI Design
  • M. Sadegh H. Broomand - @RealMSHB - Programming

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
AuthorsCurlscurly, schrahki, YasamanFar, Sadegh Boroomand
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Cute, Hand-drawn, minigames, Narrative, Puzzle-Platformer, watercolor
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


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Development log


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kill it

i like the style

vvery cute

Where is the android version. Itch sasys there is.

Hey! I heard a lot about this game, but when downloaded it my Macbook said that it can't be opened. What ami doing wrong?

I made a video about this game for french viewers!
It was a lovely experience. I really enjoyed it! The graphics are really good and the story interesting!

This a sweet and short game. I liked it very much. Thank you


To Dev, I installed the game and the bird is glitched out. It's just a blue blob moving about. I installed the Mac version. Please have a look and fix it. Thanks.

one of the best indie games ive played in a while. Really well done!

Wow. This game was incredible! I wish there was a continuation/sequel though. 10/10 would recommend.

Incredible graphics! I won't download because i know my laptop can't handle it but once i get a better pc i will come back.

A really beautiful game. It was so much fun.

This was a great little game, I really loved the art style and they way you had to deal with challenges.


Very nice game! But there is a glitch in the Linux version. I assume it's the characters outline thickness not working. Looks like a huge messy blob around the characters.


Double that. I have same problem on linux. On both, intel and nvidia graphics. That's a such unfortune because everything else in the game looks lovely.


I too have this issue. It appears on the start screen and presists throughout the game.


i love this game!
also, i find bug :( some walls can be jump and fall if press run and jump about 20 times. charecter will rise > fall.


This is such a beautiful game. The story is cute yet deceptive and has a great surprise at its end (play it and you'll know what I mean), but even beyond that, the sound, visuals, and art in general are all captivating. It's a short yet poignant game that tells the story of what a bird may be thinking about, and does it in a succinct yet enjoyable way. I wish there had been more to this game, and would love a longer sequel or spiritual successor, both for furthering our connection to the MC and so I can have more of this art in my life! I only encountered some game glitches when I went too fast with my bell chimes against the nightmares, but other than that, very well made. 9/10 would highly recommend!


Wow, what can I say? The story of the game is wonderfully told, the design is breathtaking (love that watercolour style background), the birds are all amazingly adorable and the game itself is put together really well. I honestly couldn't quite get over how nice everything looks and how well the use of the bell tied in with the gameplay.

This was a real delight! Until I got to the end anyway and was hit by a massive wave of existentialism! Did not see that one coming...

A real winner this one, a hidden gem! Keep up the amazing work everyone =)


What a charming and cute game. I loved it!

Greatest game

Such a lovely little game! Very polished for a six week project, simple mechanics but with a lot of impact to the story. Perfect world design, love the palette. Everyone did a great job on this. Good luck with future games! 




Had an awesome fun playing the game! Really gorgeous and unique artwork!

Although I'm not quite sure what the ending meant :P I was hoping you could clarify it for me :P


Thank you for playing our game and making this fun video! Your assumption was 100% right, so you got it all just as we intended it :D

Oh awesome! :D

(1 edit)

You didn't read the entire dialogue! He was talking about how you were trapped and oh no you have to break the mirror to get out :)


A surprisingly simple yet challenging experience! It required quite a bit of hand-eye coordination from me to be able to move between the platforms and run away from the nightmares while silmultaneously trying to escape them! I had a ton of fun with this game and I never saw that ending coming! I also absoulutly adore the artsyle of this game, especially the chosen color palette! Wonderful game, I recommend to anyone who wants a quick and interesting game to play.


Colorful and unique platformer! 10/10


this is my favorite game I've played recently! thank you for creating it

one thing i have noticed while playing is that the script for defeating the enemies can not work properly if you run past enemies, as it still has you in a "danger mode" but the enemies are long gone / unreachable. but this wouldn't usually happen unless you progress without fighting (i'm not sure this is possible normally, so i wouldn't worry about it)

adding a shadow under the character would be helpful for depth perception for sure

definitely recommending to friends i love this game thank you <3


I loved your game, its beautiful art style and soundtrack is gorgeous and works so well together. Would love to see more as its too short lol, keep up the awesome work guys! 

(1 edit) (+1)

There is a graphics problem on my Mac because The Bird  looks like a blue blob . Any suggestions please ? Other than that looks a beautiful game. I just discovered this was a Yosemite issue and for High Sierra it is fine.


Hiya I played your game, the game mechanics and art style made the game feel very wholesome and enjoyable. It was a very good experiance.

I made a video of me playing it, but the commentary was overall bad and lackluster, I wish I could've stepped up to game's enjoyability just a bit. Mabye I'm a bit critical on myself but I didn't feel like I presented the game as well as I wanted to, but here it is anyway.


The art style is amazing, the story has me completely hooked, my only issue is that I want more


Well, not only does the thumbnail look fantastic but so is the graphics, storyline, controls, audio in fact everythibng about this little project is realy nice.

 You have created a lovely little project which was really pleasent to play and I really enjoyed exploring the environment while looking for my brother. Well done DEVS




Made a video


I love love loveeeee the art style of this game. I'm sure a lot of time was put into drawing and, bringing the water color to life. The story ties in well and, is heart warming. The mechanics of the bell are fun and, not challenging thankfully.

Major graphical... blob around the main character in the Linux build, and looking at the comments I can see that you already know this and I'm not helping.

Otherwise, very cute game but I opted out of playing all the way through to wait for an update so I can enjoy it as intended.

I have the same problem with a Mac build .


One of the best art styles I've seen in a game with such a small, talented team! The bell mechanic was a pleasant change, the characters were friendly and wow at that ending! Loved it.

P.S. Mild graphical bugs on Arch Linux, not sure if it's just me~


Happens for me too on Linux Mint with Nvidia drivers .. odd. Seems to be the outline shader of the birds.

Ubuntu Kylin too, with AMD drivers. Blobby birbs,


I try to fix it


Its Sad Too Short But Good Game


Loved seeing the art shared on twitter, and loved playing through the mountain! I especially like the effect you used on the trees, and flipping the normals. Looks really cool

(1 edit) (+3)

Pretty good. I liked it. The artistic direction is very pleasant.

One major improvement to be made: The character needs a simple shadow so that spacial orientaion of jumps can be understood by the player.!


A hand full of things you could consider, if you plan on fixing/patching :D

If you read the note before checking the door, you are reminded to read it, to be able to get out.
The arrows on the attacking shards at the village are not always oriented correctly towards the screen.
Ending the fight close to where your grandfather is afterwards might make it impossible to read what he has to say.
There is one typo in the text with the bird at the colorful wood with bolts. "ou're" instead of "You're".
It won't register more than 2 key inputs at once, so moving diagonally and jumping is not possible.
The lower ring in the cave renders above the bars.
Other than that it is really wonderful <3


Thank you for taking the time and putting together the feedback Zugai, really appreciate it! We will have a look into it at some point! :) 


Hey, played through this on my channel! You've got a gorgeous style going. 

Thanks a lot, really enjoyed watching you playing it and figuring out the trick on the tree normals! :D

OK, there are two main BIG issues with your game, one of which entirely prevents me from playing it:

- No mouse control on menus

- Broken key rebindings: movement with wasd keys is like movement with eibl keys, unplayable. You should implement an option screen with key rebindings in-game. And bindings are missing in the launcher, why??

I'll gladly try it again... once I'm allowed to play it.

I agree !

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